Will I go to sleep?
No, although some hypnotherapists use the word 'sleep' during the session, it is purely a signal to get the mind to relax very deeply. You may look as if you are asleep but your mind will remain very clear and alert.

Will a moment arrive when I am not in control?
No, quite the opposite. This is the biggest, most widespread myth about hypnosis. Powerful changes are made but only the ones that you want. In fact, you will enjoy a definite feeling of increased control. Nobody can be hypnotised against their will

So how will I know I'm under?
'Being under' may not be what you imagine. People go in and out of trances almost every day and are not aware of it. You just feel mentally very calm and content, relaxed, focused and alert, like during a good film at the cinema.

Will I remember anything afterwards?
Yes, almost certainly you will. Even people, who have been able to have operations under hypnosis, and have felt no pain, will often talk about the experience afterwards. Occasionally people recall very little or nothing, rather like occasions when you cannot remember much or any of a dream.

Who cannot have hypnotherapy?
Anyone with epilepsy, psychosis or endogenous depression (depression caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain).

How long does it take to feel the benefit?
It will have an immediate effect for exam or interview nerves and habit breaking such as smoking. It can take a few weeks in some instances when dealing with problems like confidence, anxiety and mild depression.