Weight Loss and Hypnotherapy

Obesity is becoming a national epidemic. A high percentage of heart disease and all type II diabetes is directly attributed to obesity. Todayís children could be the first generation whose life expectancy is less than that of their parents.

Much of the problems associated with obesity begin in childhood. We make concrete decisions about self-image, what food means to us and how active a life we will lead, very early in our lives. There are also cultural influences which can dictate the nutritional paths we take. Another factor is the emotional and compulsive connections to food. Millions use food to feel good or to at least feel better. Food offers temporary relief from symptoms of depression, loneliness, anger and stress. Another factor is how productively our bodyís function which can have a major influence in how we look. A hypoactive thyroid slows down the metabolism making it next to impossible to lose excess weight.

Long term problems begin when these unhealthy patterns are repeated over time. We are creatures of habit, we are what we think. Consistently repeating patterns of unhealthy nutrition and sedentary living ensures that they will continue. Itís the repetition that gets them deeply rooted in our long term memory, or unconscious mind, where they take on a life of their own.

When a person attempts to alter the path of an established pattern, conflict results. This is what a smoker goes through when trying to quit on a conscious level. They experience mood swings, cravings and palpitations. Conflict with dieting occurs when a person has tol eat things they really donít want to eat and does things they donít really want to do, like exercise.

When the unconscious part of the mind doesnít get what it expects people become uncomfortable and stressed. The only way to make things right is to give the unconscious mind what it wants. Intellectually they know the changes they should make and the type of body they want to have but when this inner conflict arises the person feels powerless and more often than not they revert to their old ways.

Hypnosis melts away the conflict. It helps uninstall old patterns and rapidly download new applications supporting new positive thoughts, actions and results. By stepping into this peaceful inner daydream world people have the unique opportunity to take control in way they never thought possible.

Mental imagery is one of the most powerful benefits of hypnosis. The hypnotherapist taps into the clientís imagination which is in the unconscious. This enables clients to create powerful images of ultimate health and fitness. Then the hypnotherapist offers suggestions supporting how easy it would be to make a few changes if this is the reward. This establishes a linear unconscious connection between action and positive results, and by routinely reinforcing this peaceful message clients easily go from concept to reality.

Making changes on the unconscious level makes new thoughts seem automatic. It speeds up the learning curve. A good therapist will record your session so you can listen to it on your own. Repetition rules with the problems and solutions as well. It took years of repetition to create the problem but the good news is that hypnosis dramatically speeds up the process to success.

With hypnosis a person can disconnect from patterns of compulsive or emotional eating. One method directs the client to regression back to where compulsive or emotional eating began. Usually there is a general idea of how and when such patterns began. Then they imagine a past event is replayed and they can see and feel the stress, concern or compulsion with food begin. Itís important to recreate the anxiety because then they get to make it go away.

Success with weightloss depends on how open the client is to relaxing, whether they are truly committed to creating positive change and if they give themselves the opportunity to become proficient with the process. Serious minded people with a strong desire to learn and grow usually do very well.

In addition to weight loss clients become more relaxed, centered and focused. They are much less affected by the day-to-day stress of life. This type of routine relaxation produces more smiles, laughter and an easy natural progression to shaping the body they were meant to have.